BioStyle Ltd, founded by Evgeniya and Dimitar Stamenov, is a company devoted to the idea of producing organic foods since 2012. It was created by their inner motivation to produce healthy alternatives to everyday snacks and sweets that are accessible to everyone.

“Our goal is to use renewable energy as we understand the great need of a change in the way we take care of the environment.”

As a food manufacturer we stand behind the concept that all foods should be nutritious and free from poisonous chemicals, produced in a way that supports the nature, not destroying it. Inspired by the concept of creating real food, all of our products are a result of many developments and experiments in search of the best balance between taste and nutritional value. Our recipes are unique and created with care to every small detail. 

Since day one we started our RND and can proudly state to be a leading manufacturer in Europe providing various companies and brands around the world with guidances and support regarding production technology and recipe development. All of our production is organic certificated. Furthermore we already have IFS Certificate.

As of today we already have an innovative product portfolio including organic raw vegan sausage, granola, protein bites, single cookies, gluten free cookies and snacks with no added sugar. Furthermore, we are one of the few companies to produce raw products that contain vegan probiotics.

Contact us today and let us take you and your brand into a brighter, greener future!


RND Team

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