Author: amore1604

Standout plant-based CultuRaw Vegan Sausage

We are proud to share that our product CultuRaw Vegan Sausage was voted by Proveg International, a leading food awareness organization that operates on a global reach, for a standout plant-based product at BioFach 2019!

Made with love from our most favourite vegetables – red beetroot and the traditional for CultuRAW products activated seeds that are slowly dried at low temperatures not exceeding 42 ° C.

By using this technology of production, while the sprouts awaken, special processes are carried out and enrich them with nutrients.

The Raw Vegan Sausage CultuRAW is a delicious alternative to meat that is truly inspired by the taste of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine!

CultuRAW Vegan Sausage is:

– No Soy

– Gluten Free

– Raw

– Organic

– Handmade

– With Superfoods

– Vegan