food for the whole family

Raw is great, is living, raw is inspiration. Raw is a way of living. Raw is a passion. Raw is commitment. Raw is our dream.




In search of real food, we created Biostyle as a result of the natural course of the events when you just want to eat healthy and you can’t find alternatives in the stores. That’s why we have created our healthy alternative for you.

With Biostyle you can go for a walk in the nature, travel the world, take a snack in the office or just enjoy them at any other time, when you need a refreshment.

It all started back in 2010, very impulsively driven by our own wish to experiment in nutrition and our desire to take care of the nature and to treat all the natural environment with love and respect. That was the turning point, when a series of events focused our lives in a different direction.

The idea quickly came to its realization and today Biostyle products can be found in more than 500 shops - from the small organic shop to the big retail chains and gas stations. All of our products are the result of many developments and experiments in search of the best balance between taste and nutritional value. Our recipes are unique and created with love and care especially for you and the nature.



Our philosophy is to produce only certified organic products. We believe that organic farming is the only or one of the few ways to consciously care for Mother Earth, preserving its biodiversity, soils, air and water, because we want our children and future generations to live in a better world.



The certificate is a guarantee that our products are complied with all the regulations - no GMO, no pesticides, no insecticides and herbicides. A proof certifying that the agricultural production is with the romantic concept of "the grandmother from the village that grows her own delicious tomatoes, just like the old times" without chemicals and unnatural ingredients. The food products are not subject to radiation and synthetic food additives such as preservatives, flavorings, colorings, etc. are not used.

The organic certificate is our guarantee to you that we produce clean and real foods.



We at Biostyle take care of nature, not only by producing clear and real organic products, but also with everything related to the processes and policy of the company:

  • We are traveling to the office together to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • In our new factory we have installed a sewage treatment plant to be used for watering and saving energy.
  • Only the most important documents are printed, because we care.
  • We use less water and energy in all the processes.
  • All of our ingredients are from sustainable sources and our packaging is FSC certified.
  • We use groupage transport for all of our shipped orders, so we can save energy and again to reduce our carbon footprint.