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The best hummus recipe

As you have already understood, here we will share with you delicious and colorful recipes to make your day lovely. Our first recipe is published by a friend of ours Disaster Maggie


Disaster Maggie wrote:

I LOVE hummus! Seriously, I can eat it for breakfast, launch or dinner. It’s a great side dish to your main course and a good idea for a sauce when you are cooking veggies.

I don’t usually show off about my skills as I do everything for the fun. However, I am telling you – this will be the most delicious hummus recipe you have ever made! Nick’s sister taught me how to do it and I’ve been experimenting with ingredients. The result is always the same – delicious, healthy and nutritious dip that everyone will love.


400 grams of chickpeas (not raw) + the water from the can

3 spoons of sesame tahini – use the best one you can find on the market

2 coffee spoons of cumin

2 coffee spoons of Himalayan salt

1 coffee spoon of red pepper

juice of 1 lemon

pich of black pepper

25 ml olive oil



So, all you need is to put everything in a blender or food processor. Blend it all together until you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture. Viola! Enjoy this dip with a toast, rice crackers, cucumber or carrot – it goes well with all of them. You can adjust the ratio of the ingredients according to your personal taste.

Tip: If you want to be creative with this recipe, you can also add red beans, carrot, red lentils or beetroot. Use 50% chickpeas and 50% of one of the following veggies.


We thank to Disaster Maggie for sharing with us her favorite humus recipe, which surely is our favorite, too! We hope to become the best hummus recipe for you, too! Looking forward to receive your feedback, once you try it out.

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